Eating Healthy When You Visit a Barbecue Restaurant

Eating Healthy When You Visit a Barbecue Restaurant

While you may think that it is a small feat, you can eat healthy when you dine at a barbecue restaurant. Barbecue itself is a cooking term that refers to a technique that is distinguished from grilling. Barbecue is about flavor, sauces, and spices. People also enjoy large serving sizes when they eat barbecue. This can make this type of eating a challenge if you are trying to keep your calorie count down.

Baby Back Ribs
However, you still can eat nutritionally when making this type of selection. After all, baby back ribs do not have a lot of fat on them. That makes them the preferred choice for anyone who is concerned about managing their weight. If you are visiting a restaurant with barbecue selections, ask the server for diet-friendly recommendations.

Typical Side Dishes Served with Barbecue
When making a choice, keep in mind that any listed entrees do not usually include any side dishes. These foods may include creamed corn, okra, and macaroni and cheese, all of which can contain a large amount of saturated fat. Besides that, items such as onion rings and french fries can quickly add to your calorie intake. Although it fulfils a foodie’s dream to eat the aforementioned cuisine, it is still better to choose steamed veggies or a salad when you are eating barbecue.

A Total Barbecue Indulgence
For example, if you wish to splurge, you may opt to order spare ribs – meat that contains a whopping 16 grams of saturated fat per serving. In fact, the name “spare ribs” seems to be a misnomer, as you really do not “spare” anything in the way of calories or fat. Indeed, this type of indulgence contains a whole day’s worth of fat. Therefore, if you choose to order spare ribs, you need to dampen any temptation to eat fried foods or creamed side dishes along with it.

A Poor Dietary Choice for Those Trying to Cut Fat and Calories
A half-chicken that is barbecued contains about 15 grams of saturated fat. While most people think of chicken as being a healthy selection, you need to veer away from it if you are on a diet. The bird is not only basted in fat, but the inclusion of the skin and dark meat make this type of barbecue entrée a poor dietary choice.

Pick the Smoked Turkey Breast
Instead, if you are trying to eat healthy, it is better to choose something like smoked turkey. This entrée contains only six grams of saturated fat. In addition, if you choose a turkey breast, you can savor the smoky flavor and do so without consuming hundreds of calories and numerous grams of fat.

Try the Pulled Pork Sandwich
A pulled pork sandwich is another good choice. Because the bread for the sandwich replaces some of the meat, you will not eat a whole plate of barbecue. Other selections to consider include the above-referenced baby back ribs. If you choose to order ribs as an appetizer, order only one or two. However, if you are dining out with a crowd, it is safe to order a half rack, as everyone will be indulging in the barbecue.